Green Smoothie Breakfast Pancake + [I made my first video]

Green Smoothie Pancake

A breakfast idea that combines smoothie and egg to make a simple pancake... a green smoothie pancake!  

Lately, I've been taking a little more time in the morning to make warm breakfasts and eat on the balcony in a big jumper and slippers (especially with the rain in Sydney in the past week!). When it's cold and wet, I notice I want to sit and enjoy something warm, and with a bread-like consistency.

A few clients have been looking for easy breakfast ideas outside the usual toast, smoothie, or eggs rotation. 

So, I jumped in front of my iPhone to run you through my breakfast prep.

Green Smoothie Breakfast Pancake

serves 1 -- 5 mins prep

You will need: blender, measuring spoon, small pan, spatula


1 egg

1 medium banana

2 tbns of nut butter (I used cashew-coconut butter) 

1/2 handful of spinach

2 tbns of oats 


  1. Heat a small pan on medium high heat with some butter or ghee.

  2. Add egg, banana, nut butter, spinach and oats to a blender and whiz until combined.

  3. Pour mixture into pan and wait until bubbles form to flip and cook on other side.

  4. Serve with yogurt, berries and a little extra nut butter.

You can batch the batter by double or tripling the ingredients to serve more than one person or save the batter for the next morning. 

A note about eating intuitively

By sharing this recipe, I hope to inspire intentionality with your eating and pave the way for you to get curious about what is right for your body. 

To connect with the season you are in and ask 'what sounds good?' then respond in a satisfying way without food rules, guilt or stress.