What it's really like to give up dieting (for good!)

give up dieting_berleena

This week I’m sharing a conversation I had with one of my great mates Jess Silsby. We love chatting all things relationship with food and body (because we’ve both trodden restrictive diet paths in our early 20’s!)

We hit record on this video as a follow up to our initial conversation, 2 Mindset Shifts to Overcome Challenges with Food, diving deeper into how we can let go of the safety net of diets and learn to eat more intuitively.

In this video we cover the first Intuitive Eating principle, rejecting the diet mentality.

Watch the video below to hear us chat about; 

  • What it means to “reject the diet mentality”

  • How to catch sneaky, shiny new "diets in disguise"

  • What does a healthy relationship with food actually look like?

  • Why intuitive eaters don’t have more willpower, and what they have instead.

Note: There is a slight visual time delay in the recording of this video, particularly when a speaker changes (it gets better in the second half!).

What’s the difference between the dieting mind vs intuitive eating? 

I’ve illustrated a way that isn't rigid, full of critical self-judgment or obsession about food through a visual comparison sheet with real, dieting mind vs intuitive eating mindset examples. Click the button below to see how intuitive eating could feel like for you too.