How do I start Intuitive Eating?

I love this interview I did on the Healthspace podcast as it provides a great outline for what intuitive eating is and how using internal body cues of hunger, fullness and satisfaction to guide your eating (instead of diets) rebuilds body wisdom and trust.

A Non-Diet Approach: What to know about Intuitive Eating

Using the show notes below, jump to the different parts of the conversation you want to hear (or listen to the episode all the way through!)

Show Notes

  • 00:36 Intro

  • 1:48 My story and what inspired me to become a Health Coach.

  • 2:58 What is Intuitive Eating?

  • 3:45 How do I guide clients to listen to their bodies and respond to their own needs?

  • 4:21 How do you define a diet and how is it different to intuitive eating?

  • 5:04 Why intuitive eating is more about stripping away and unlearning the diet mentality than learning a new set of rules about how to eat.

  • 6:03 The thin ideal in diet culture today - “once you see it, you can’t un-see it

  • 7:08 What are some typical signs that someone is struggling with their relationship with food?

    • Who could benefit from Intuitive Eating Coaching?

  • 9:42 “But I would just eat croissant’s all day long if I was allowed too! I don’t trust myself”

    • Why this (diet) mentality hurts our self trust and disconnects us from our body.

  • 11:07 What could someone expect from a coaching program together?

    • 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating (see graphic below)

  • 14:03 What can clients expect towards the end of their coaching journey?

    • How do they feel?

  • 15:43 Practical tip: One of the quickest ways to start practicing Intuitive Eating.

  • 18:25 Outro

Want to understand this Intuitive Eating stuff more?

Intuitive eating is a set of principles that help you tune out of diet rules and tune in to your body and what it needs.

10 Principles of Intuitive Eating:

Note: You don’t “arrive” as an “intuitive eater”, it’s an ongoing journey! This idea of “ then you’ll be enough ” from diet culture doesn’t transfer across to this approach.

Note: You don’t “arrive” as an “intuitive eater”, it’s an ongoing journey! This idea of “then you’ll be enough” from diet culture doesn’t transfer across to this approach.

Do these Intuitive Eating concepts challenge some of your existing beliefs around food and your body?

What now?

I’ve got just the thing to help you start your connection to food and body with my free resource:

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It’s a practical guide to strengthen your muscles of listening, learning and gathering feedback. It teaches mindsets and tools of intentional eating so you can so you can get on living your LIFE with more freedom, trust and joy! Get the journal below.