I see too many hard-on-themselves women eating salads, soups and crackers and dragging themselves to the gym because they believe it’s what they “should do”.

DOES THAT Sounds like you?

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Everyone thinks dieting is how to get healthy - except, what if it’s not?  


We’ve been sold the message that dieting is a part of a healthy lifestyle for SO long that few of us even question it.

...but we know diets don’t work.

...and we don't trust ourselves without one.



Diets teach us...

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  • to obsess over measuring our “success” with food.

  • to define our self-worth by a number on a scale or how “clean” we eat.

  • ignore body cues, cravings or skip meals to make up for being “bad.”

  • use other peoples success stories as rational for why we just need to “try harder.”


Did you know that dieting and food restriction frequently lead to binge-eating?


Diets cause binge-eating because deprivation around food is unsustainable.


You are bombarded with the message that thinness is the goal.

Then you will be happy.

Then you will feel enough.

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As a result, we have a collective anxiety around food and our body.


It gets in the way of meaning and connection to ourselves, our relationships, our jobs, our lives.


Do you…

  • Feel guilty if you don’t read the label of everything you eat?

  • Beat yourself up if you break one of your own food rules?

  • Genuinely believe that you will start living your life once you are thinner?


I get it, I’ve been there too. And it sucks.


This is a form of perfectionism expressed through food.


Honestly, even popular “lifestyle changes” are really just diets in disguise.


My name is Berleena Watson, I’m a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I help women end dieting for good, eat intuitively and live perfectly imperfect lives.


I’m on a mission to build up smart, curious women by turning their focus away from food rules, diets and superfood splurges.


Turn their focus inwards so they can start winning at their own game and feel freedom, trust and joy in their body.


“I was an avid nutrition enthusiast; call me a sugar quitter, a matcha drinker, a real foodie with the goal to be thinner, leaner, healthier and better.’’

I felt like I had to be perfect with my food every day or I would gain weight.

I would eat healthy through the day, then at night, I’d binge. I would fall into a spiral of “well there’s no point stopping now!” and go into autopilot-numbing mode, then later feel painfully guilty about all the hard work I had “undone”.  

I spent SO much of my life restricting food, planning secret binges, regretting those binges, dieting, and obsessing about food and my body.


And then something happened that changed everything:


I learned how to eat intuitively and practice body kindness.


I realise that might sound woo, but the powerful approach I use has not only changed my life, but the lives of the women I coach too:


I have learned how to become more in tune with my body and become more trusting of myself. And as I became more compassionate to myself, I became who I wanted to be both personally and professionally.


It was never just about what I was eating... it was about my mindset, my beliefs, my relationship with food & self.


 My job is to walk you through the transition of learning how to trust your body again.

I offer a free 60 minute Discovery Session to help you identify the real struggles around food and body, then show you the path to freeing up emotional energy so you can pursue what’s more meaningful in your life.

Intuitive Eating Journal_berleena

For women ready to ditch food rules, diets and full sleeve chocolate biscuit binges. You’ll get a 3-day game-changing food journal (no calorie, macro counting here!) so you can get your shit together around food and start focusing on more important moments.