What's a health coach -- do you need one?

A coach is a how-to person

You already know that you need to make healthy eating a priority -- eat fruit and vegetables, stop overeating, manage cravings and emotional eating, move your body and stay motivated.

The tough part is actually incorporating this into your life.


...you've actually tried -- many times, been unsuccessful and lost confidence to consistently move towards your goals.

My job is to show you how to cope with stress, cravings and emotions without turning to food for a quick fix endorphin hit.

I support the change of self-defeating thinking, beliefs and behaviours. 

My method allows you to simply figure out how to stay motivated, how to manage overwhelm, and how to connect back with your body so you can listen to it's signals and understand what it's really trying to tell you.

I guide positive thinking and how to view food-related dilemmas like -- last night's bread roll, chips, plus desert blow-out as feedback, not failure. 

My job is not to tell you what to do

It's to help you find you're own way. To lean into your truth about who you really are. To help you recognise who that person really is, then hold you accountable to moving in that direction.

My coaching is a combination of kickin' it back to your roots and learning how to truly take care of your body. To help you consider modern day factors and influence, and build sustainable, practical habits in a step by step format.  

I get it, I've been there -- and I want to show you how to think differently about food

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