The ultimate healthy comfort food makeovers

With cauliflower, naturally

Written by Zoe Meunier for The Juice Daily

Whether you’re trying to cut down on processed foods, go gluten-free, embrace paleo, reduce carbs or just plain eat more veggies, you need to know this: cauliflower is your best friend. Not only is it healthy, low in kilojoules and really rather delicious, it’s also the most versatile little vegetable you could come across, with its mild flavour and easy-to-work-with texture making it a fantastic substitute for those delicious comfort foods that carb avoiders might sometimes crave – pizza, bagels and fried rice, we’re talking about you!


Bringing more cauliflower into your diet will do wonders for your wellbeing. Along with its better-represented-in-the-health-stakes buddy kale, cauliflower contains glucosinates, thought to prevent cancer. Studies on these sulfur-rich chemicals show they may block cancer cells, repair DNA, boost immunity, and stop inflammation. And that’s while also waging war against heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

“One cup of cauliflower has more Vitamin C than an orange to improve blood flow and control blood sugar,” explains certified Health Coach Berleena Eberle, adding that cauliflower is also high in fibre and folate to aid digestion.

“Cruciferous vegetables are particularly great for detoxification of the body on a deep cellular level (phase 1 and 2 – liver),” says Berleena.

While filling, cauliflower weighs in at just 105 kj and five grams of carbs per cup, which means it’s perfect for those keeping an eye on their waistlines.

When buying cauliflower, Berleena says to look for compact florets with little to no blemishes and crisp leaves with no sign of wilting.

“While cauliflower is on the less contaminated list on the ‘clean 15’ it’s always best to source local, organic produce from your local farmers markets or independent organic stores wherever possible,’ she adds.

So without further ado, here are some awesome ways to transform your favourite comfort foods using the humble cauliflower – they taste so delicious that you’ll never feel that you’re missing out.

Cauliflower bagels/rolls

Oh, bagels. Delectable comfort food of the gods. Delicious with smoked salmon and cream cheese, or a poached egg on top and now all yours, cauliflower-style, without any of the grains or gluten. Try a recipe for cauliflower bagels or rolls here and here.

Cauliflower rice

Just a couple of seconds in a food processor is all you need to transform cauliflower into perfect, rice-sized grains, a great rice or couscous substitute for any rice dish including risotto, curry and … fried rice! Just toss in your favourite fried rice ingredients from egg to veggies to prawns to chorizo. The possibilities are endless, but here are some ideas to get you started here and here.

Cauliflower cous cous

It’s actually better than the real thing. Click for the healthy, delicious recipe.

Cauliflower macaroni and cheese

You can’t get more comfort foody than a big bowl of mac and cheese in front of the TV, but these delicious cauliflower and cheese recipes will have you glowing with health rather than feeling stodgy and bloated. Try them here and here.

Cauliflower tortillas

It’s really quite amazing how well (and how easily) cauliflower can be transformed into perfectly bendy, flour-like tortillas, perfect for loading up with your favourite Mexican-style food or anything else that tickles the fancy of your tastebuds. Give them a go here or here.

Cauliflower pizza base

You may have heard people talking about cauliflower pizza crusts and thought to yourself (as I did), it just won’t taste right. I’m more than happy to stand corrected on that one… yes, it’s true that it doesn’t taste like a dough crust, but does it give an intensely satisfying and tasty pizza-like experience? You bet! Try it out here and here.

Cauliflower salads

Because sometimes you want more than just lettuce and tomato, try this tabbouleh recipe, and this warm salad recipe.

Cauliflower sushi

Now you can cauliflower-ify your favourite sushi dishes – you’ll be amazed at how well the flavour goes with all of your favourite sushi fillings. Find out how here and here.