One simple mindset shift that can change the way we live

When our health takes a back seat, our quality of life is compromised. There is a strong link between: what we eat, how we move and how we connect.

We are living in a very interesting time right now...

The oversaturation of fad diets, supplement 'quick fixes', the glorification of 'busy' and never enough 'me time' has left us feeling detached from our physical and emotional bodies. It's difficult to interpret and instinctively respond to our underlying needs; how to listen and take care of our bodies properly. 

As we pile on more physical and emotional clutter into our lives, we find it difficult to read our bodies signs to slow down and be gentle, to nourish and to move our body.

Self Care, Not Self Control

Consider it an investment into your physical and emotional body to reprioritize your life around your health.

Take a closer look into the root cause of imbalance instead of suppressing symptoms that the body red flags like energy slumps, cravings and restless sleep.

Berleena Health Coach

The body starts to connect back to it’s natural state of wellbeing when we can shift our focus inwards and really listen and respond to what our bodies are trying to tell us. 

It’s when we start to make decisions from a place of self care, not self control that we can choose foods that nourish, not superficially fill. To stop battling our bodies with exercise and instead, move because we love the way it makes us feel. To rest because we need some space.

Taking care of our vehicles requires regular tune-ups: exercise, quality food (nourishment), adequate sleep, meditation and stretching. It helps us better enjoy the journey ahead.

This is not something new, it's just the stuff we've forgotten.

And when you start to tap back in, it will seem so natural you will wonder where it's been your whole life.