How to become less consumed by the meaningless

This is a primer post on living a less consumed life. I believe that life is richer once you identify the essentials and connect to what truly matters most.

simple living

I apply this concept to eating because; for one -- I’m a big fan of food and the part it plays in our lives:

Community and togetherness -- like sharing a soupy centred, bright tomato, chewy, foldable pizza and quality red with your mates.

And secondly -- that food and eating are at the core of learning how to become more connected with our bodies. 

There are a number of thought leaders championing minimalism, essentialism, slow and simple living.

They are a few of many streams that flow into a singular river of thought:

To become less consumed by the meaningless and more connected with what matters most in your life. Or simply, less is more:



Accumulation of 'stuff', fatigue, meetings for the sake of meetings, eating as an afterthought, guilt, negative self-talk, disconnected relationships


Time, space, energy, purpose, self-awareness, intuitive eating, selectivity, authenticity

So, if life's a journey, then the road ahead is about gaining clarity on which tasks, way of thinking, people and things are truly valuable to our lives.


Modern living has placed the world of information and choices at our fingertips. Every new service, product and tool demands our attention. We take on more and more, but rarely get to any great depth with anything. Convenience rules our lives and routines;

Who has time to cook, connect or nourish?

When we rush from one commitment to the next, food in a packet becomes the default choice to fuel our motor. Our lives tend to reflect a work, eat, sleep, repeat mentality.

This busy pace robs us of our quiet time, voiding our moments of ease. Without this space and time we can't think or remember what we truly want or need, and become numb to what our mind and body is telling us.

This creates feelings of overwhelm, overstimulation and disconnect.

In an effort to think, do and attend many things at once, we tend to short-change the key areas of our life: physical, emotional and nutritional needs. When our brain has too many tabs open our battery quickly runs flat. We feel this in the form of stress, cravings, bloating, weight retention, skin irritation and so on.

A simple and less consumed lifestyle is a way to pivot back to conscious choices, core values and living more intentionally. We reclaim our time, space, authenticity and vitality by defending life's fundamentals of quality ingredients, relationships and purpose-driven work.

Deciding what is essential in our lives in not just about reducing the number of sweaters in your closet, it's about defining what we simply can't live without.