Daily Eats; Weekly Round Up

This is a recap of my past week's eats and life's happenings. Mostly this is a roundup of daily Instagram stories.

I don't have every meal covered because I try to honour what feels good and authentic when I share (plus, life still happens even if it's not on Instagram, right?) 

My intention for these posts is to give you an example of how I make decisions around food that is right for me, and in turn, pave the way for you to get curious about what is right for your body. 

I practice eating intuitively, and as a result, I've developed more food freedom and body trust to be able to listen and respond to emotions, hunger, fullness and satisfaction cues, without the emotional attachment and moral judgments of food rules and diets, that I once had.  

I hope you feel inspired to enjoy a croissant, like I do, and not feel like you're being "bad" or that you need to start being "good" again tomorrow. Health is so much more than nutrition. It's a source of pleasure and nourishment, not stress.

Here's Monday...  


Ricotta Toast.JPG

Last 2 pieces of leftover 'Health Bread' heels from Iggy's Bakery in Bronte Beach.

My cousin, Jemma, introduced me to this combo of tahini, ricotta and honey on toast when she visited last from Melbourne!

For dinner we had roast chicken and vegetables. I Added za'atar to zucchini and sweet potato! 



Green pancakes. Part way through making a green smoothie for breakfast, I realised I actually wanted something more filling and chewy. I transitioned into pancakes and pleasantly surprised when I invented green pancakes. 

The recipe is just a handful of spinach,1 banana,1 egg, some oats, vanilla extract, baking powder in the blender for 20 seconds then poured into a buttery pan to let it rise and flip like regular pancake (you can barely taste the spinach, they're perfect!) 

Then later that evening, lamb meatballs, with a red sauce and spelt fettuccine pasta (because I don't really mind if we don't have thin long pasta with our meatballs - the wide stuff is even better). Lots of parmesan.

Tuesday night Meatball.JPG



Wednesday I felt like a coffee and smoothie for breakfast. In the smoothie went: acai, blueberries, banana and a little greens powder. I wasn't feeling too hungry so coffee and a smoothie tied me over until lunch. 

In the afternoon I discovered, with great satisfaction, that pasta is actually a great match lighter alternative...

Pasta +Candle.JPG



I wrapped up work for the day and went for a walk, right before dark, and quickly snapped this pink sky from our balcony.

 Nick worked from home (love having some company!) so we did some work in the morning then took a break and ordered Piadina's from La Piadina, who claim their Not a Bloody Pizza

Ever since our trip to Italy 2 years ago, I've added a little more olive oil to pizzas (and Piadina's) which totally completes soft, crusty bread. 



IMG_1610 (1).JPG

On Friday's it's a regular thing to meet some of my other friends who have a flexible schedules. We meet up at 7am at our favourite bakery and sit on the path way on milk crates. We order almond-macadamia coffees and get a croissant and chat about what's going well but also what's been tough in the last week. I really look forward to these mornings with these girls and feel so.filled.up. 

Later, at lunch time I was craving fresh greens and something light after coffee and croissanty-ness so I made a very basic but brilliant salad of rocket, tomatoes, olive oil, dukka, hommus and crisped up some fafels that I keep in stock in my freezer. 

When Harry Met Sally

That night Nick and I hung out at home, ordered our favourite pasta from UberEats and watched When Harry Met Sally. I've never actually see it before, so good! 


On Saturday I caught up with a good friend Jess where we got coffee and juice then did a coastal walk. Before heading home, I shopped around at the markets to get meat, yogurt and vegetables for the week.  


Sunday I was excited to try the green pancakes again and show Nick that green pancakes actually taste good. Success, they looked so great and we were both very happy! 

Early afternoon we kicked back with some snacks and a movie and enjoyed not doing much for the rest of the evening. My kind of Sunday. 

And that's it. That's was my week. Has this look in given you some ideas for meals, snacks, other ways to spend your time and energy? Reflect how you food influences how you feel with the Intuitive Eating Kit. Click below to download.