Is this you?


+ You have learned, from your own experience, that dieting doesn't work—you've hit diet bottom and feel stuck, frustrated, and discouraged.

+ You don't eat the foods you love, because you’re afraid it will be hard to stop. You say “I had two cookies—I was really bad today.”

+ You find yourself eating for comfort, distraction, or even numbing yourself from your feelings. You sometimes find yourself in a clouded sense of obsessional thinking about food and by mindless eating.

+ You've decided that you are unhappy eating and living this way—you are ready to do something about it...


Hi, I'm Berleena.

I'm a coach for women who are ready to stop dieting, body comparing and letting their life revolve around food.

I teach women how to feel freedom and trust in their bodies, develop self care practices and eat intuitively.  

berleena food mindset coach


Berleena is committed to providing nutrition support and guidance to help her clients eat intuitively, ditch food rules and learn how to listen to what their bodies are trying to tell them. 

With a background in corporate media sales, Berleena knows all too well the feeling of overwhelm, information overload and struggling to keep up with the hustle, all while trying to incorporate a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Berleena specialises in helping her clients develop a healthy relationship and mindset with food. Her clients know how-to deal with food triggers, let go of guilt, identify cravings and make healthy eating simple again. Berleena strips back nutritional confusion to develop an intuitive eating approach. 

Berleena loves sharing inspiration, practical advice and helping build step-by-step habits to support her clients to lead vibrant, meaningful lives.


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